Short track speed skating club


Croatian short track speed skating representation travels to World junior championship in Canada

From 9th to 11th november the ISU World Junior Championship 2009 will be held in Sherbrooke, Canada. At this competition Boren Žunac, Jakov Domitrek, Jakov Dolinić and Josipa Tadić will represent Croatia, under the leadeship of the coach Azur Kučukalić and the teamleader Saša Todorović. The first day the races on 1500m will be hold, and the qualification relay on 3000m.
The second day there will be races on 500m, and the semifinal relay on 3000m. Third day is reserved for the 1000m race, superfinal of the 1500m and the final relay on 300m. Our competitors are confonted to very strong opponenents.
We wish them great placement on all the races.

The results of the competitons can be found on