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Natjecanje Pannonia Open u Budimpešti

Hungary Natjecanje Pannonia Open održat će se od 04.02. do 06.02.2011. u Budimpešti (Madžarska). Objavu natjecanja prenosimo ovdje u cijelosti:




PANNONIA OPEN 2011 in Short Track Speed Skating
February 04 – 06, 2011
Budapest – HUNGARY
Qualifying series to Junior Europa Cup Final 2011
The Hungarian National Skating Federation has the honour to invite your team to participate in this competition, under the following conditions:
Only registered competitors of the ISU Member are allowed to participate. AGE GROUPS and DISTANCES
Age Categories Ages Individual Ladies/Men Relays Ladies / Men
Senior * age 19 – 1500m 500m 1000m L:3000m* M:5000m*
Junior “A” age 17-19 1500m 500m 1000m Junior A+B+C 3000m

(4 skaters)
Junior “B” age 15-16 1500m 500m 1000m
Junior “C” age 13-14 1500m 500m 1000m
Novice “A” age 10-12 1000m 500m 777m Novice A+B

2000m (3skaters)
Novice B* age 8-9 777m 333m 500m
Novice C* age 6-7 500m 222m 333m NO RELAY!

* The Senior (S) and the Novice B and C categories are out of the Danubia Series

February 03. 2011 Thursday Team Leaders’ Meeting 19:00
February 04. 2011 Friday Warm up 08:00-09:00
13:00-14:00 Competitions 09:00-12:00
February 05. 2011 Saturday
Warm up 08:00-09:00
13:00-14:00 Competitions 09:00-12:00 14:00-20:00
February 06. 2011 Sunday Warm up 08:00-09:00
Competitions 09:00-14:00
Awarding Ceremony 14:00
The competitions will be carried out in Gyakorló Jégcsarnok ice-rink, in Budapest, measuring 30×60 m. The compass of the track is 111.12 m, according to ISU Rules with curves of 8m. During the competitions there will be used 5 tracks with displacement of 1m each. The finish line for all distances is the same; only the starting place of the distances 500 and 1500 m will be changed; 1000 m and the relays will not be changed.

Only equipments, which are in accordance with the ISU rules, can be used in the competitions. The compulsory rounding of the corners of the blades will be controlled.
The entries must be according to Para 4 – a, b, c, e, f Danubia Open Memorandum 2010-2011
a) Individual entries: as National Team shall be restricted to a maximum of five (5) skaters per category (L/M) plus one(1) Team Leader and one(1) Coach at each competition for the following ISU Members : CZE, HUN, LAT, POL, ROU and SVK according to the agreed cross-hosting cooperation.
b) Relay entries: each Nation or Club has the right to enter one team of 4/5 accordingly com-petitors per category. All ISU Member has a right to enter only one mixed relay team per catego-ries.
c) Members entering the relay must include those skaters who participated in the individual events.
d) Entries can only be made using the attached Entry Form for Short Track Speed Skating.
e) One skater has right to start in same age category during the whole season.
The fully filled up Preliminary Entries must reach the OC by January 20th, 2011 at the latest! These entries should contain the following dates:
– the name of Member Association or Club
– the number of the team members and the list of names (full names),
– the date of birth.
The Final Entry Forms must be sent to the Competition Office not later than January 30th, 2011.
You are kindly requested to send the Entry Forms to the following address:
Tel. +36 1 252 2369 Tel: +36 20 9326400
Fax: +36 1 251 2279 Fax: +36 1 243 0920
E-mail: E-mail :
and Mrs. VÁRADI, Orsolya

ENTRY FEE : EUR 5,- p.p.
The first three-placed competitors of the individual competition in the overall ranking will receive medals accordingly. The skaters of the first three-placed relay teams of each category will be awarded with medals re-spectively.

Each competitor participating in the competition at his/her own risk and assurance. The competition is completely open for all ISU Members.
The participating Teams are responsible for their board and lodging expenses (hotel and meals). The Organising Committee can recommend the following accommodations with very special prices:
Hotels and Room-rates
Best Western Hotel HUNGARIA**** Dominik Panzió**
1174 Budapest 1146 Budapest
Rákóczi út 90. Chazar Andras u 3.
Single Room Euro 50,-/day Single Room Euro 40,-/day
Double Room Euro 35,-/day/person Double Room Euro 32,-/day/person
Triple Room Euro 35,-/day/person Triple Room Euro 32,-/day/person
Inclusive Full Board Inclusive Full Board
(breakfast and dinner in the hotel) (breakfast in the hotel, dinner in the Hotel Lion****)
Lunch will serve at the Icerink
The hotel expenses must be paid in advance at the arrival at the Organising Committee. All the main Credit Cards are welcomed: Visa, Master Card, etc. In this case: 5% of total amount will be added as the commission charge if using credit card to settle your payment.
Cheques are not accepted.
All entries, hotel reservations and other inquiries should be addressed to the Organizing Committee as indicated above.
31 December 2010

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