Short track speed skating club


The speed skater Boren Žunac set a new state record on 1000m, and Josipa Tadić lost her expensive equipment

Boren skating

Boren Žunac, with his new state record at 1000m (1.32.303) and Jakov Dolinić, with his excelent skating in three disciplines, have entered among the best fifty world juniors on the short track speed skating championship in Sherbrooke, Canada. Jakov broke his personal record at 1500m and won the 59. place in final placing.

Josipa the state record-holder at 500m of junior girl category, wasn’t so lucky as the male members of the club. After the arrival to Canada, she was unpleasantly suprised by the fact that her equipment was lost. Her skates, helmet, suit, neck protector, shin protectors, gloves and jig were traveling somewhere on their own. But the coach Azur Kučukalić and the team leader Saša Todorović were very resourceful, so Josipa could skate despite of her accident and won the 45. place. We hope that the equipment, after a long jurney, will arive at her adress. And it will be interesting to know how did Saša and Azur provide such an expensive equipment in only a few hours. This way we wish a good placement to our seniors and a nice trip to Turin, on Europe championship, and especially to our best senior Ivan Dolinić.